You already have a platform you would like your application to be articulated around but would like to enrich it with SCILAB capabilities? Based on our aPaaS approach, we have implemented the capability to deploy SCILAB functions as REST API. Scilab Cloud API gives access to your engineering and simulation knowledge through web services which are accessible by any network-connected machine.

Deploy and manage your algorithms

Thanks to the SCILAB Cloud Platform (aPaaS) you and your partners can expose functions through REST API. Data and algorithms will not be visible by the end-user. They will only be able to call the function through a HTTP request, and get the results.

Access from third-party software

The deployed API can then be accessed from any third-party software. Doing so, you can enrich your initial capabilities with SCILAB algorithms for pre-processing, simulation or post-processing. The elementary example besides shows how to call Scilab Cloud API from bash, for authentication, returning a unique id/token, that will then be joined in every following request.

Check also how Scilab has been used within Google Spreadsheet here.

Access from in-house Cloud platform

The deployed API can also be accessed from your own Cloud platform. Doing so, you can deploy a complete SCILAB application onto your platform or enrich existing ones. We can help you setting the required servers and user interface to transform the API into the needed application.

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